Appraisal Types


The purpose of this report is to describe and document the quality of jewelry and gemstone(s) listed and to estimate the cost of replacing those items in a retail jewelry store.  We employ the most appropriate use of sales comparisons, cost analysis and market level approaches to arrive at our valuations.  This document will enable the insurance company to replace an item that has been either lost or stolen or provide a cash equivalent, depending on the policy coverage. 

This type of appraisal takes into account that antique jewelry may contain additional value due to age, rarity and provenance. The venues for sales are not limited to retail jewelry store but also include antique and second-hand shops as well as bricks and mortar auction houses and online sales. This appraisal will assist the division of jewelry assets of an estate as well as establishing the taxable value of items of the estate of a deceased person. Legal advice may determine the necessity of this type of appraisal.

Fair Market is defined by the amount for which the items would be sold in a voluntary manner between a willing buyer and a willing seller neither of whom is under any obligation to buy or sell and both having reasonable knowledge of relevant facts. It is neither a forced sale or a sale price. The need for this type of appraisal may arise from the disposition of assets prior to or after divorce proceedings as well as assets received from gifts.

During  a bankruptcy or liquidation of business and/or personal assets, an appraisal may be necessary to accurately determine the value of any jewelry related assets.  The nature and time limitations imposed upon the property disposal help determine the value of assets being valued. 

This type of appraisal is applicable in documenting the value and identification of jewelry items owned by either or both parties in a prenuptial agreement, or to document current value of all jewelry held by one or both parties in a dissolution.  An independent third party helps to ease emotional stress associated with such events.

This report is used to document any damage to jewelry, gemstones and watches usually required at the request of insurance companies in leui of a reported claim. We can determine the degree of damage which may include minor re-cutting of gems and jewelry repair to major replacements.

This service is provided to both the retail jewelry trade and private clients for determining the identification and verification of gemstone and jewelry that have been out of the possession of their owners. The category also includes authenticating the results of other laboratory and retail store gemstone certificates. We also offer G.L.S. Certificates on diamonds and colored stones that provide quality grading as well disclosure of any color alteration and/or clarity enhancement. As such, this type of appraisal does not include a monetary valuation.

This type of appraisal is performed after jewelry has either been lost or stolen. A bill of sale, older appraisal, photo or the description of the item by the owner or a third party will aid in its production.