We employ the most appropriate use of sales comparisons, cost analysis and market level approaches to arrive at our valuation.  There are several different types of appraisals depending on the need being assessed.  For a complete list of all the appraisal types available and their uses...

Diamond Grading/Certification

We adhere to the strictest standards when it comes to the grading of diamonds.  The grading process at G.LS. follows the procedures and guidelines set forth by the Gemological Institute of America.  We use only G.I.A. certified master color sets and appropriate  microscopic and fluorescent lighting equipment.

This can be useful in validating the certificates of other laboratories or appraisals that do not employ the same G.I.A. standards.

Gem Identification

This service is provided to both the retail jewelry trade and private clients for determining the identification and verification of gemstone and jewelry that have been out of the possession of their owners. The category also includes authenticating the results of other laboratory and retail store gemstone certificates. We also offer G.L.S. Certificates on diamonds and colored stones that provide quality grading as well disclosure of any color alteration and/or clarity enhancement. As such, this type of appraisal does not include a monetary valuation. 

Gemstone Brokerage

Despite the vast amount of information available to the consumer, selling jewelry and gemstones can become a daunting proposition. The responsibility of our laboratory is to adequately describe the items so that all the pertinent factors are available to both buyer and seller in order to make an informed transaction. Our valuations are based on real world experience in the current, daily worldwide jewelry trade. We do not rely solely on published lists and are wary of speculative internet sites for establishing value. We are responsible for our fair market, estate and liquidation valuations because they represent a cross section of proposed transactions in the marketplace from retailer, wholesale, second-hand dealers and auctioneers. G.L.S can provide the knowledge necessary to make an informed decision of whether or not to purchase a particular gemstone or jewelry item. Details about the quality and pricing contained within our certificates and appraisals can be provide the buyer with all the relevant information. 

Litigation Support

G.L.S. can provide an independent evaluation of jewelry and gemstones in question, especially when a client disagrees with an appraisal performed by another party.  We can provide professional consultation regarding the truth and accuracy of an opposing report or appraisal.  This service is performed during expert witness testimony, either in or out of a courtroom setting.